Developer Program FAQs

Frequently asked questions for SDL AppStore

Are there any fees?

Access to development resources, the security and functional review process and the listing of applications (apps) is free. SDL reserves the right to introduce fees in the future.

How do I add my app to the AppStore?

To add your app to the SDL AppStore to be downloaded by SDL Tridion Sites Content Management technology users, you need to sign up to the Developer Program. To sign up, you need to login to your SDL Account and go to 'Apps' which can be found in the top menu, then to 'Developers'. You will find the 'Sign Up' button on this page. Once you have been accepted into the program you can submit your app by going to the 'Developers' section and click the 'Submit New App' button. You will be taken to a form where you need to provide the app information.

How do I take payment for my app?

If you are not directing people to your own website to complete the payment transaction then you can use a third party payment provider like PayPal for example.

Can I sell my app elsewhere?

Any apps added to the SDL AppStore are not exclusive to the site and can be sold elsewhere.

Will my app work on later releases of SDL software?

Although we make every effort to avoid API code changes, some may become unavoidable as we continue to develop our language technology products. We will endeavor to maintain backwards compatibility wherever possible.

What is the security and functional review process?

All apps uploaded and submitted for publication on SDL AppStore for SDL Tridion Sites Content Management are provided as is. SDL does not provide a security and functional review before being available on the website. In case of any suspicious actions or calls by the app, or a significant deviation from its declared functionality, you can notify the developer yourself (via the comments). The developer may choose to update the app, or its associated documentation, and re-submit it to SDL AppStore.

I want to join the SDL Developer Program but I don't have a SDL Tridion Sites license?

Please visit the Developer Hub where you can request a free developer license, there is a form at the bottom of the page.